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Discover the Tuscan Mining Geopark of Unesco

Biancane Park , Monterotondo Marittimo

Biancane Park , Monterotondo Marittimo

Podere I Monti Agriturismo is located inside the Tuscan Mining Geopark of Unesco. Guests have many opportunity to visit the area:

Biancane’s Park

only about 40 minute to drive from Podere I Monti Agriturismo.

From the Bowels of the Earth to the sky. Biancane’s park is an extraordinary area, where you will be fascinated by the geothermal surface manifestations. Sulphurous vapours, coming from the bowels of the earth, dominate this mysterious panorama, together with geothermal wells and green power stations, and modified the area’s original environment, making it unique for its geological and climatic features. More info:

Massa Marittima and the Accesa Lake

About 20 minute to drive from Podere I Monti Agriturismo.

The tour starts in the upper town, where you will visit either the Sacred Art Museum (once the Friary of San Pietro all’Orto, where works of art by Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Giovanni and Andrea Pisano, Sassetta are exhibited), or the Torre del Candeliere (the medieval tower, from whose top you will admire the city view and the breathtaking landscape). Afterwards, you will go down to the main square, where you will see the most important buildings of the town, and, among them, Saint Cerbone Cathedral.

The  Accesa  Lake is a small karst lake, 45 meters deep. It has been awarded for its crystal clear water.
By the lakeside, a typically lake vegetation grows: reeds, sedges, rushes, poplars and eucalyptuses. But nature is not the only attraction of the lake: archaeological excavations dug up the remains of an Etruscan village (IX – VI century b.C.). Here, the Etruscans used to mine silver minerals, lead and ferrous minerals. You will thus hike among the Etruscan houses’ and thumbs’ remains in the wild nature of the lake.


A small medieval village only 8 km from Podere I Monti Agriturismo and with a guided tour guests have the possibility to visits:

Starting from Montieri’s main square, you will hike among geological, archaeominerary and naturalistic aspects.
On the way, you will see a jasper and limestone cave and the traces of its ancient removal on the rock face.
You will make a detour to reach Buca delle Fate: a tunnel which leads to other underground galleries, rich in silver mineral (galena), known for the Etruscan and medieval mines.
Walking on along the crest of the Poggio, you will observe the remains of a medieval shaft called of the Beato Giacomo; then you will reach the municipal park Il Piano, and you’ll be back again through a fascinating path in the shadow of the chestnut trees.

While hiking over Poggio Mutti, you will see the remains of the medieval mineral extraction (copper, silver and lead) in a fascinating wood of both trees and Mediterranean scrub, which breaks over wonderful landscapes.
The vegetation thins out in the proximity of some old caves, which supplied the material for the construction of the Duomo di Siena (red limestone).

You will hike in a beautiful wild wood to reach the remains of the medieval Canonica di San Niccolò, once a characteristic monastery. This site is unique for two reasons: first for its six-petaled flower shape, and second for the economical function it served. In fact, the monks who lived there used to control the extraction of the mineral mined in the area.